Jill Kennally


Jill was introduced to yoga in 2004 and fell in love with it after the very first class.  She credits the practice with helping her through a really challenging time in her life. She practiced yoga on and off for a few years, but while in between jobs, she began to practice more regularly. One night while making dinner she realized she wasn't thinking about what she was cooking, but rather she was thinking about the yoga class she had taken that morning.  Jill realized in that moment she wanted to teach yoga as her profession. When speaking with one of her yoga teachers about the move, she was asked if she had ever considered teaching yoga to children.  Jill having worked at daycares throughout high school and college, was thrilled with the idea of bringing two of her loves together.  She became certified in Radiant Child Yoga in 2011,  and then went on to complete a 200 and 500 hour yoga training to teach adults in 2012 & 2014. 


As a teacher of all ages Jill loves that the benefits of yoga translate across generations, but the way that the practice is presented shifts over the years. Jill loves the opportunity for creativity in children’s yoga classes, creating fun and exciting yoga stories for younger students. Her classes for teens incorporate restorative poses and guided meditations to help them find relaxation in their busy lives.  When teaching adults, her goal is to help adult yogis to find peace and serenity in the flow between breath and movement, and complete relaxation in savasana.  Ever thoughtful, Jill's students, no matter their ages, are inspired by her kindness and patience.

Katie Corcoran