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Empowering Kids to Move Mindfully Through the World


A Letter from the Founder, Christyn Schroeder


Equipping Children with the Tools they need is the heart of KidPowerment.

Culturally we are constantly telling our kids to calm down, and yet we rarely teach them how. Yoga is the art, and science of self-regulation. I knew that yoga, designed specifically for children, could provide the developmentally appropriate tools to allow them to self-soothe, self-regulate and navigate the waves of big emotions that come naturally with being a child.

Kids, when equipped with simple tools can better respond to situations. They are able to metabolize their big feelings, and make more sense of their often overwhelming world.

For over a decade I have been witness to the power that the practices of yoga and mindfulness hold for children. I have watched hundreds of students, at the guidance of masterful teachers, gain confidence and self awareness.
— Christyn Schroeder

The changes are palpable.


Parents and teachers note how they see their embodied children be able to use what they have learned on their mats to self regulate before their emotions or energy get beyond their control.

Mind & Body

Physically students work on building strength, gaining flexibility, enhancing their sense of balance, while calming their nervous systems. This leads to more comfort and stability in their bodies. When kids are more comfortable and stable, they are capable of longer periods of concentration and focus.


This affects all aspects of their lives: academics, athletics, friendships, and family relationships.


“Kids doing yoga, that sounds so cute!”

The actuality of kids practicing yoga goes way beyond “cute.” Children are naturals at practicing yoga. They are curious about how their bodies work. They want to know how to be their best selves. And they are totally capable of receiving all the benefits of yoga we recognize- both physically and mentally.



At KidPowerment we are dedicated to providing classes that reach all children. Our expert faculty draw from their diverse backgrounds in yoga, education, child development, and the arts to create classes that are not just “playing yoga,” but are actually creating the possibility of living the lessons learned on the yoga mat out in our students’ lives.

And because we believe in what we do so deeply, the other branches of our programming seek to empower yoga teachers, educators and parents with the tools to do the same. We aim to truly translate the powerful practice of yoga to children.


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