Empowering Kids to Move Mindfully Through the World

strong bodies. focused minds. brave hearts


KidPowerment empowers kids to move mindfully through the world as they create a pathway towards a compassionate, balanced and joyful life. We encourage students to be present and honest, creating a community for authentic self-expression. Our hand-picked team of expert faculty delivers innovative programming that is deeply rooted in the foundations of yoga.


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Our Faculty


Yoga Teacher Certification

At KidPowerment, we offer a unique path towards becoming a certified children’s yoga teacher, by allowing you to explore and specialize in the areas of study you are most passionate.     

Our Foundations and Advanced Studies courses set the stage for your training.  Our carefully cultivated  menu of workshops lets you pick the subjects that most inspire or challenge you.


Workshops & Training


For Educators

KidPowerment's Professional Development Workshops are a great way to build community, enrich teaching and nurture your staff.  As a team of educators ourselves with experience in all realms of the education world, we have both deep understanding and great respect for the challenges that your staff experiences.

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