Janine Niedan


Janine is inspired by connection.

Yoga is her personal, deep connection to her inner self and the outer world through breath and movement. She has been a movement therapist for most of her adult life. A Physical Therapist, Pilates & Yoga Instructor by profession, Janine also holds a degree in Art History and Anthropology. Yoga helps her move through life as a working mother more gracefully and with a deepened awareness for what is happening within as well as around her. 

Her classes  guide adults and children to connect with their inner world in a playful, meaningful and reflective way. Students will sweat, belly laugh, breathe, deepen and relax. Her teachings in Yoga are influenced by the intelligent sequencing of Prana Flow by her teacher Shiva Rea as well as all her other teachers, students and kids along the way. Janine sees Life as one big learning and growing curve. 

Janine loves to connect with people and places. In the past 15 years she and her husband have moved and raised a beautiful and active family between Germany, Switzerland and the USA.  

It is deeply satisfying for her to connect people and with people. In fact, she is the catalyst for our KidPowerment Teacher Trainings in Europe! She cherishes meaningful conversations with friends and strangers, her family, her wonderful partner in crime (her husband ;-)) and her children. She likes to read, savor cooking and good food.

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