Professional Development for Educators

KidPowerment's Professional Development Workshops are a great way to build community, enrich teaching and nurture your staff.  As a team of educators ourselves with experience in all realms of the education world, we have both deep understanding and great respect for the challenges that your staff experiences.  Let us provide tools and perspective that will enrich their teaching. Pick a workshop below, or have us craft one to fit the current needs of your teachers. Past workshops have included:

  • Easing Through Transitions:  Yogic tools for the most challenging times of the day

  • Yoga and Storytelling:  Enhance your lessons with movement to bolster learning by creating kinesthetic touch points

  • Tools to Rejuvenate-Yoga for Teachers: Tips and techniques to take care of your body and mind, while rejuvenating your nervous system so you can be your happiest and healthiest self

  • Yoga for Test Prep: Calm nerves and focus minds to ease tension and improve student performance

  • Music, Mindfulness, and Movement for Classrooms:  Learn to combine the three M’s to enhance learning and enjoyment throughout the day

Our Professional Development workshops can be offered in a number of different time lengths, from two hours to a whole day,  and combinations to meet your needs. Contact us to schedule one of our expert teachers for a session your staff is sure to benefit from and enjoy!