Checka Antifonario

Known for her open-heartedness and easy laugh, Checka (E-RYT, RCYT) is deeply committed to maintaining a welcoming and inclusive space for practice and community. Yoga is for all. Her intention is for students to breathe, be present and connect with deep strength and contentment within.


Her lighthearted but attentive approach, has been making the practice of yoga, and the art of teaching it, accessible to students of all ages for over a decade.  Her love of both the movement of vinyasa and the quiet and healing element of more reflective, restorative yoga create a wonderful alchemy when teaching both adults and children. 


She is a skilled trainer of teachers.  Her clear communication helps her students to grasp the wisdom she has to share, so much of which comes directly from the children she has taught.  Respected across the children’s yoga world she has presented at the National Children’s Yoga Conference two times, is frequently asked to guest teach for trainings around New England, is a Lead Trainer for Radiant Child Yoga, all in addition to the contributions she makes to KidPowerment World. 

Katie Corcoran