Bring KidPowerment to Your School


KidPowerment empowers kids to move mindfully through the world with strong bodies, focused minds, and brave hearts. Our classes create a pathway towards a compassionate, balanced, and joyful life encouraging kids to be present and honest, creating a community for authentic self-expression.

From this foundation comes three types of class offerings that can be offered separately or in combination as:


✓ enrichment classes during the school day 

✓ part of afterschool programming

✓ school assemblies


Yoga & Mindfulness

KidPowerment Yoga balances playful activity with focused reflection. Our experienced teachers harness each student’s energy, helping them to better know themselves and acquire tools for self-regulation and empathy while promoting a physically healthy lifestyle. Our kid-centered and responsive environments create a fun, challenging, and safe exploration of social, emotional, and physical needs, supporting them as they reach developmental milestones.

Programming available for infants - highschool


Creative & Expressive Arts

KidPowerment Creative & Expressive Arts support each child’s unique voice while honing a set of collaboration skills. A collection of acting, movement, and music offerings, each class works towards confidence-building, healthy risk-taking, teamwork, and fun. KidPowerment Teachers and students flexibly respond to each other in a true collaborative experience in which students ultimately learn techniques of the creative and expressive arts. Active and responsive listening is also a key element on all classes, as students practice expressing themselves in an authentic and compassionate way, celebrating the work and ideas of others as well as their own.

Programming available for toddlers-high school


Leadership & Action

KidPowerment Leaders are service oriented and collaborative problem-solvers who engage in global perspectives, everyday community issues, and compassionate interactions with others. Using the foundation of yoga, mindfulness, creative and expressive arts, kids delve into problem-based projects to collaboratively create and implement a solution and community-wide engagement.

Programming available for elementary-high school.