Here’s How it Works

At KidPowerment, we offer a unique path towards becoming a certified children’s yoga teacher. By allowing you to explore many different areas of study, you are able to specialize in the areas you are most passionate.     

Our Foundations and Advanced Studies courses set the stage for your training.  Our carefully cultivated  menu of workshops let you pick the subjects that most inspire or challenge you.

In addition to our courses and workshops we offer an unprecedented opportunity in our Mentorship program.  Teach alongside Christyn and our other highly experienced teachers.  Hone your skills in actual classes and witness first hand what works.



Foundations: Teaching Yoga to Children- 20 hrs

Beyond Basics: Advanced Studies- 36 hrs

3 Workshops- 32 hrs

Mentorship- 10 hrs

*Inquire to see if your prior children’s yoga training fulfills parts of the required hours.


Everyone who completes the above course work and demonstrates an understanding and proficiency will become a KidPowerment Children’s Yoga Teacher. Yoga Alliance Registered Teachers can further apply to become a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher at the end of this training.