Carrie Burke

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Carrie Burke is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, and has spent the past nine years working at the Public Defenders office as a staff social worker and as a social work supervisor. Throughout her career, yoga and meditation practice have been vital for self-care and promoting and maintaining wellness. Through her own experiencing of the power of yoga and meditation as a means of alleviating vicarious traumatization and burnout, and because of the high rate of trauma and physical and psychological distress that her clients face, Carrie became interested in expanding her knowledge and understanding of yoga and meditation beyond personal practice to teach them as healing modalities for people who are under-served. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Ryan Cunningham of Bow St. Yoga in 2017 in a unique one-one-one year long program, and subsequently completed foundational training with Christyn Schroeder and KidPowerment. She joined KidPowerment to teach at Cambridge Hospital in April of 2018. Carrie is most interested in teaching and practicing with students in unconventional settings, where she hopes to help create space for quieting, embodiment, awareness, play and relaxation.

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